metal sheet fiber laser cutting
  • We Have a Exhibition in METALLOOBRABOTKA 08 May, 2023
    We are a manufacturer of laser cutting machines. We will go to Moscow to participate in a very good machinery exhibition. We will bring our brand new laser cutting machines and different metal processing solutions. We hope that friends in the industry can come to visit comminicate. Мы являемся производителем станков для лазерной резки.Мы поедем в Москву, чтобы принять участие в очень хорошей выста...

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  • 30m/min cutting speed 28 Nov, 2018
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Laser Cutter Price CNC Fiber laser cutting machine with overall cover
Positioning speed 90m/min,1.5G acceleration speed,positioning accuracy ±0.05mm,it is capable of frog-jumping,randomly common edge cutting,tiny cutting connection,marking,returning and infinite power output variation etc.
Optical fiber laser cutter for sale Optical fiber laser cutting machine for thin sheet metals
Ultra-low cost,laser consume only 0.5-3 defrees per hour,air can be used to cut various metal sheets; Imported original laser generator,stable performance,the service life is up to more than 100 thousand hours; It can design various graphics or characters at any time,and it is easy to cut and operate.
Laser cutter for metal tube CNC Laser cutting machine for metal plate&metal tube
Adopting Cyptube cutting software,it can directly accept the drawings from 3-Dimension drawing software,The drawings can be directly displayed in the computer,which is more convenient and direct; Unique holding and scratching design enables fast adjustment of different pipes,thus high-precision products can be made during processing; Unique pipes s1
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